circular looms at kaypee

A glance at our state of the art infrastructure

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See our production floor in operation.

Here’s a short video of our manufacturing floor in operation.

Tape plant

An advanced Lohia Duotec tape line equipped with beta gauge for monitoring and controlling  gauge variation is installed at Kaypee to provide quality input for looms. In today’s time, it has become crucial to adhere to required specifications and minimise variation. The foremost of these requirements is to get a uniform thickness in tapes. The production team ensures this happens by checking in at various times and constantly adjusting the machine accordingly.

We provide options to produce fabric in milky white, transparent (natural), as well as any other colours as demanded by the customer, is available.
kaypee tape plant
kaypee circular looms

Circular looms

The second stage of any woven sack industry is to get the desired quality fabric. For this, we have installed 50 Lohia Nova 6 and 4 Starlinger RX 6.1 to get an output of about 118,800 m / day. At Kaypee, we ensure to produce a tightly woven fabric with no gapping or creasing of tapes as much as possible. All these looms are continuously maintained to get the best of productivity and quality.

As part of the quality inspection module, we continuously monitor for defects throughout the day and actively avoid or resolve them to reduce problems at later stages.

Lamination machines

Three high-end extrusion coating machines from JP, one tandem, and two turns bar allow us to get a production capacity of about 3,75,000 meter/day. Additionally , we have one excellent pelican solvent less lamination machine to laminate about 2,40,000 m of printed glossy / matt BOPP to metalized BOPP. We have in house facility to produce the high quality metalized bags.

The lamination machines with preheat rollers offer strong bond between the BOPP and extrusion as well as fabric and coating. It helps the bag to sustain for a longer duration. Further, the lamination machines are also equipped with brush rollers so that no foreign particles are stuck on the fabric during the lamination process ensuring the hygiene level of the bags is always impeccable .
kaypee lamination machines
kaypee printing press

Printing machines

Printing is the most important aspect for any packaging material. To have high quality printing, we have a state-of-the-art rotogravure machine from Pelican that not only has given beautiful printing result, but also high productivity. The printing machine is equipped with eight stations, auto registration controller, viscosity and temperature controller and AVT (Apollo Turbo) for 100% print inspection. We ensure that none of the print defects are passed on to later stages of production.

Apart from Pelican, we also have two Alpha printing machines equipped with Auto Registration Controller and in total we can print about 5,25,000 m / day.

We understand that the first thing that the end consumer catches is the printing on bags, so for that we have in house design team who ensures that all the designs are proper and eye catching.


To get better precision in bag widths and to avoid the additional fins on the bag, Back seam Bags are the ideal solution. For this, we have two world-class tubers- one gum based and the other extrusion-based.

The advantage of extrusion-based is that if these bags go in areas with temperature below -20 Celsius, the seam remains intact. Both the machines combined produce about 230,000 bags/day
kaypee tubers
kaypee finishing machines


Equipped with imported bag cutting and stitching machines with high-end sewing heads from Union Special enables us to provide customers with top-class finishing, which attracts all in the first view.

Considering the automatic and manual machines, we can produce about 300,000 EZ open bags per day and 3,00,000 bottom stitched bags per day. We have Juki stitching machines for customers who require bags with tags attached (about 1,00,000 bags per day).Additionally, we have specialization in handle bags and can produce about 1,50,000 regular PP handle bags per day as well as 40,000 plastic handle bags per day.