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Our heritage drives the philosophy of our company

Kaypee was founded in the year 2011 by Mr. Kapil and Hiren Patel.
Kaypee was founded in the year 2011 by Mr. Kapil and Hiren Patel - second-generation entrepreneurs - a classic story of hard work, perseverance, and belief. Starting with just a small unit and outsourcing bulk of the work to larger competitors, Kaypee focused entirely on quality and customer satisfaction. In Return customers put faith in Kaypee and soon we started growing at a fast pace.
With constant focus on quality, we increased our skin in the gamer and soon started expanding rapidly. In only few short years we purchased enough machinery to completely eliminate our dependence on other units and became completely self sustained. But the Kaypee journey was still just beginning. We then expanded to a second export-oriented unit and Spread the Kaypee Brand across the globe. Today we can deliver to all across the globe confidently and provide round the clock support to our clients.
Over just a brief period of 10 years we have now expanded to two fully integrated manufacturing units with zero outsourcing.
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Our company started with a production capacity of just 5,000 bags and have now increased by a whopping 140 times to 7,00,000 bags a day with a major chunk being exported word-wide. This was all made possible due to our customer-centric focus and hunger for excellence.
We manage the continuously evolving demands of customers with a judicious balance of quality and timely delivery to fulfil our commitments to clients. The company aims at diversification, improvement in technical services, innovations, investing in infrastructure and is always keen to hire  professional and skilled resources employees.
And we are committed to being green.
Contrary to popular belief, our raw materials can be reprocessed upto 97% and have multiple life cycles.
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